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Because ideas are valuable, we invest expertise and capital in the development of inventions. As a
global leader in the business of innovation with one of the world's largest and fastest-growing patent
portfolios, we are cultivating an active market for invention that connects buyers, sellers, and inventors.
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Join our international community of inventors for professional connectivity and collaboration. Based on your areas of expertise, you'll receive targeted opportunities to solve important, commercially significant problems. When you submit your solutions to Xinova, your ideas are evaluated for selection into our growing portfolio.
Beyond upfront payment and patenting of selected ideas, inventors share profits and downstream royalties generated from licensing and commercialization. Additional benefits include rewards for evaluating inventions, recruiting other experts into the network, and exclusive special events based on the individual's Xinova network status.
Stay focused on the valuable business of inventing as you rely on Xinova's legal and licensing expertise to patent and commercialize your ideas internationally. Our global connectivity can bring your inventions to new markets worldwide through partnerships, spin-outs, and other licensing options.
Whether you're working alone in your garage or collaborating at one of our participating institutions, Xinova membership offers you access to an extensive information database which includes detailed analyses of important markets, products, and technologies. You can also enjoy inventor community benefits such the sharing of ideas and mentoring.
Inventing is a passion worthy of rewards. We have already paid over half a billion dollars to individual inventors in our network. For selected inventions, we help fund the costs of securing worldwide protection. This may include patenting fees, marketing, research and proof-of-concept work, and commercialization — which can exceed US$50,000 per invention.
Our international reach enables us to maximize the value of your invention by bundling it with other inventions from around the world. We have an expanding global network of potential customers — from one-person startups to Fortune 500 companies and government entities to NGOs — and cumulative licensing revenues of more than US$3 billion.

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